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ArtStudio was created in 2019 in Accra. The founders and the only owners are Miss Bernice Sarponmaa Annang and a Pole who has lived in Ghana for six years. Zbigniew Szymanski / Zybi /. She is a graduate of the University of Accra. Zybi is a former soldier, businessman, journalist, writer and traveler. Co-owner of a security and perfumery company in Poland. As he always says. We were joined by a common passion for beauty. We want to help our clients live in beautiful apartments and houses. Our dream is to make every Ghanaian house beautiful outside and inside.

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  Decorative panels ArtStudio 3D are natural finishing materials defining modern trends in the design and interior decorating system.
 Their use allows for an original arrangement of living spaces and public facilities, such as shops, galleries, hotels, restaurants, beauty parlors, etc. Three-dimensional decorative panels give the interiors a unique character. They can be used individually, in the form of decorative elements or to cover entire walls with a three-dimensional texture. Depending on the application, they can inspire to act or induce to calm and calm the soul.



Many of you, both just buying a house or flat, and those planning to renovate an already equipped room, wonder what wall arrangement will be appropriate. How to choose and do everything so that each element of the arrangement interacts with each other and creates with the rest an integral whole? We heartily recommend creating wall arrangements in your homes, offices and other types of rooms with the use of wall panels offered by us. The richness of our designs means that you will certainly find something that will interest you and meet your expectations. 

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