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ArtStudio was created in 2019 in Accra. The founders and the only owners are Miss. Bernice Annang Saponmaa and a Pole who has lived in Ghana for six years. Zbigniew Szymanski / Zybi /. She is a graduate of the University of Accra . Zybi is a former soldier, businessman, journalist, writer and traveler. Co-owner of a security and perfumery company in Poland. As he always says. We were joined by a common passion for beauty. We want to help our clients live in beautiful apartments and houses. Our dream is to make every Ghanaian house beautiful outside and inside. That the new owners would be proud of the unique character of their home. That their home reflects their souls their dreams and characters. Some of them encouraged others to calm down. Bernice was born in Africa, soaked with the unique atmosphere of this continent, she is an African woman and a globetrotter with great knowledge and experience. It combines our passion for beauty and the willingness to help others. The company is also our employees. Their suggestions, suggestions and life experience. They are the same people as our clients. So their comments are carefully listened to when designing subsequent designs. This allows us to prepare an offer for you in advance. To your satisfaction and satisfaction. And despite the fact that molds are produced in Europe, Africans shape these forms. Because we will live in these homes and want to preserve our own

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