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Decorative panels ArtStudio 3D are natural finishing materials defining modern trends in the design and interior decorating system. Their use allows for an original arrangement of living spaces and public facilities, such as shops, galleries, hotels, restaurants, beauty parlors, etc. Three-dimensional decorative panels give the interiors a unique character. They can be used individually, in the form of decorativeelements or to cover entire walls with a three-dimensional texture. Depending on the application, they can inspire to act or induce to calm and calm the soul. ArtStudio decorative panels are made of natural gypsum, thanks to which they are non-flammable, do not contain harmful substances or volatile mineral compounds. The material used in the production makes panels are friendly to people and the environment. The variety of patterns and their wide use let you let your imagination run free and design the interior we dream of. In our offer you will find many types of three-dimensional decorative panels. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer.

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